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A mound system is an alternative to a traditional septic system drain field. Mound systems are engineered drain fields used in areas where septic systems are more prone to failure due to extremely permeable or impermeable soils in the ground.

The mound system has a dosing chamber, a septic tank and a mound. Waste from your home is sent to the septic tank where the solid fraction settles to the bottom of the tank.

After the waste is segregated in the system, the waste water is partially treated as it seeps through the mound sand.

  • It is suitable where a traditional septic tank or drain-field system can't be used


  • The system uses the top layer of natural soil, which is typically the most permeable


  • Minimum excavation required for installation


  • Minimized construction damage to the site


  • These systems can be used in most climates


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